About CocoCubes

Our unique cocoscubes have proven to be successful product that knows many different purposes. A soft structure, together with the refined sweet coconut can be eaten as a single snack, but is often used in granola or as part of mixed nuts and cereal bars.

These dices have a soft structure which is combined with a delicate and sweet taste. Overcoming the problem of hard and though cubes, we developed cubes with a soft and unique structure. Where others might only be able to produce hard and though cubes, Theha offers a soft and compact option, without compensating on the sweet taste. Our cubes can be delivered in many different colours and tastes.



About Coco Slices

CoCo slices is our newest and fruitiest kokosbrood brand. Deliciously smooth and breezy kokosbrood with a fruity twist, 100% natural and 100% vegan. In addition, these slices contains less sugar than our normal kokosbrood, contain real fruit and are high in fiber! No reason not enjoy!

CoCo Slices Forest Fruit

CoCo Slices Mango


About Theunisse

The traditional slices as we have been making them for decades. A combination of regular and raspberry kokosbrood. Mixed by hand into one kokosbrood by our kokosbrood bakers. We now also have Theunisse Kokosbrood Zero, equally tasty but without the added sugars. Enjoy guilt free! Conveniently packaged in a resealable box, so it your kokosbrood will stay tasty for a longer time.

Theunisse Kokosbrood Zero

Bio Kokosbrood Glutenfree

Theunisse Geraspte Kokos

Theunisse Kokosbrood More Coconut

Theunisse Shredded Coconut 500gr


About Theha

Kokosbrood without any fuss, the traditional kokosbrood without additives. Convenient slices of kokosbrood for a quick sandwich without crumbs.

Theha Kokosbrood Vegan

Theha Kokosbrood