Our history

The establishing of kokosbrood

Kokosbrood, slices for a quick sandwich or a quick snack. For over 60 years our kokosbrood has been a typicaly dutch product, known for its sweet and fruity taste in a variety of colours. Read below for some special moments in our history.


From candyfactory to coconut specialist

In 1945 Abraham Theunisse started a small candy factory in Harderwijk, The Netherlands. He started by producing artisanal sweets with pineapple or mint flavours. In the meantime he developed a recipe for kokosbrood. At first Theunisse only had small amounts but he decided to specialize in kokosbrood. Soon the demand for his kokosbrood grew fast.


The rise of the grocery store

Theunisse believed in the concept of a self-service store and started selling his kokosbrood pre-sliced and prepacked. This decision made Theunisse grow to the biggest kokosbrood factory. In 1972 the current factory is too small and they moved to the outside of the city.

The son of Abraham Theunisse gets involved in the business. Together they develop new types of kokosbrood, using only natural ingredients. The kokosbrood demand keeps growing.


Innovation and improvement

To keep up the big demand the factory moves for the second time. Throughout the years new developments get implemented. Theha gets FSSC 22000 certified, meaning it can guarantee a high food safety. In 2008 reclosable trays were introduced for the kokosbrood, this way the slices will stay fresh longer. Meanwhile the CoCo Cubes are developed.


Theunisse moves once more to a bigger factory. The CoCo Cubes are big a succes and more space is needed to supply.

In 2018 Kokosbrood Zero is released. While keeping its distinctive taste the kokosbrood is now made without added sugar.



The products of Theunisse and Theha b.v. are here to stay. Many people have grown up eating kokosbrood and there is hardly any grocery store not selling kokosbrood. We are proud of our product and hope to stay a part of the dutch culture.