Our Coconuts

The Coconut

A coconut is actually a drupe, not a nut. It is the fruit of the Cocos Nucifera, also known as the coconut palm. It is unclear where exactly the tree comes from. The coconut is a buoyant fruit, they have even floated all the way up to the coast of Norway! The fruit of this palm consists of several layers. The brown coconut as we know it grows on the tree inside a thick green shell. The coconut has a hard outer layer to which a layer with the inner flesh is attached. Eventually the cavity in the middle of the coconut is filled with coconut water.

The plantations

We work together with the best plantations from Southeast Asia to harves the coconuts we use. We only work with GFSI certified plantations that respect the wellbeing of human and animal. These plantations do not use monkeys to pick the coconuts. In most cases they are even hybrid plantations, using low coconut palms, which are labour friendly for humans and exclude the need for “climbing” activities anyway.


Processing and shipping

After harvesting, the coconut is chopped in half and laid out to dry in the sun. This way the flesh of the coconut dries into a hard layer which can be processed into coconut grater. Packed in large bales of 25 kilos the shredded coconut is shipped to the Netherlands by container ships.

How is kokosbrood made?

Although the name suggests that our kokosbrood are baked just like normal bread, this is not the case. After blending the ingredients, the dough is mixed by hand and pressed into a mold. The bread will be refrigerated for a few days to harden. Afterwards the bread is cut into slices and packed.