• Coco Slices

    Our newest type of kokosbrood, fresh and fruity slices made with real fruit. Rich in fibers and less sugar than our white kokosbrood. Suitable for vegan and gluten free diets!

  • Kokosbrood

    The most popular kokosbrood in The Netherlands. Tropical tasting slices for an easy snack or on toast. Now also available without added sugar!

  • CocoCubes

    These dices of soft coconut are a tasty snack, topping and offer many more applications.


Pure ingredients, with fresh coconut processed into slices, dices and/or rasp. Suitable for spreading, snacking, topping or as enrichment in a mix.

We have been specialized in the processing of coconut and fruit products for over 65 years. Because of years of experience in our field and excellent product knowledge, we have found the perfect combination between healthy & delicious sweet products for every moment of the day.

With pure and simple ingredients we produce plant based, delicious, sweet coconut and fruit slices and dices. We use the most modern techniques, but always keep the ingredients and traditions of our craft in mind. From concept to product… From slices to cubes for yoghurt or snacking… From added vegetables to fruit…. From organic to vegan and from private label to premium brands.

As a Dutch company, we combine marketing sense with creativity and inventiveness to create unique and trendy products that add joy and pleasure to the category.

Our brands “Theunisse Kokosbrood” and “CoCo” , have a strong provenance in the Netherlands. In 1954 Theunisse started with the manufacturing of the well-known coconut based fruit slices. Unique by their soft bite and authentic coconut taste! Also high in fibre, vegan, gluten free , allergen-friendly and easy to use. The perfect balance between indulgence, mindful eating and new taste experiences! In other words, exquisite products that make people happy. Try it and you know it…


Kokosbrood slices can be eaten at any time during the day and goes with any kind of sandwich filling. Ideally positioned for children and families. The sweet and delicate taste is a characteristic of coconut which makes the product sweet without being too unhealthy, as compared to other sweet products such as chocolate spread or marmalade.

Our slices fit into many different lifestyles, as we developed a range of organic, vegan and gluten free products. However they all don’t compensate for their taste, which is one of the reasons why our coconut fruit slices have proven to be successful.


No added sugar

Theha produces delicious brands that bring joy to people all over the world. The coconut treats that we make contain sugar, an ingredient that contributes essential sweetness to the taste, and composition of the product but should be consumed in moderation as part of a balanced diet and active lifestyle.

We are commited to help limit intake of added sugars to less than 10% of total calorie intake, like the world’s leading health authorities recommend (World Health Organization).

We recognize that the health and nutritional challenges facing our society are daunting. As a business, we are hard at work developing better alternativesand improve overall health andwellbeing for our diverse portfolio. We feel we are part of the solution to this challenge with the introduction of Theunisse Zero.

What can we do for you?

Theha is certified with the highest quality standards. We can ensure that we always deliver the best coconut- and fruit products. Are you interested in joined product development or would you like to make use of our manufacturing facilities? We can offer years of experience in processing fruit and coconut products and work with only the best ingredients and machinery. 

Please contact us below, so we can explore the possibilities.